The Whiskey Ginger
The Whiskey Ginger
A Spirited Design Co.
Based out of the beautiful mountain town of Bozeman, Montana, many of their designs are inspired by the authentic characters who inhabit wild lands. The ski bunny, the grizzled gent, the entrepreneur, the wayward artist- anyone with the innate desire for something a little different. Sharing inspiration through a variety of mediums, they draw, play music, sing, take portraits, and write- all in the hopes of capturing those ever-elusive idiosyncrasies that a passing glance might overlook.
WG Travel Poster Cusco JEWEL Low Res
Travel Posters
WG craft beer belgian white solo - JEWEL
WG oh honey mugs - JEWEL
WG telephones vintage - JEWEL
WG photo cowgirl and turkey bandit - JEWEL
WG apres ski gold cocoa pinup - JEWEL
Pin Up Girls
WG whiskey is for lovers - JEWEL